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B-chan's Corner


21/07/2003: Wow, it's almost been a year since I updated. I apologize for taking that long but many things have happened in that time. I lost a bit of interest because of the lack of response I had, but after seeing so many positive comments recently I've gotten back my will to work on it. I don't have chapter 14 ready now but I'll get it up soon. I'm working on getting things back on track so please be a little patient.


16/08/2002: Added part 13 of the Ultimate Challenge.


05/08/2002: Since I've made the commitment to improve the site as much as possible I've decided to work more on the 'series' sections of my site. So I started with the digimon section. It's a bit more informative with character bios and images.

You can also expect part 13 of the Ultimate Challenge to be ready quickly. I know I haven't been updating frequently but the last time I promised a quick update I kept my word. =)


04/08/2002: Sorry about the really long lack of updates. I didn't feel like working on the site for a while but as you can see I've decided to do some major changes and I plan to improve the site. Along with the new design I've added part 12 of the Ultimate Challenge plus a big batch of icons:

  • New Icons of Card Captor Sakura
  • New Icons of Ranma ½
  • Added Icons of Fushigi Yuugi
  • Added Icons of Fruits Basket
  • Added Icons of Chobits
  • Added Icons of Rockman

As always I'd appreciate friendly comments and even constructive criticism by e-mail or the guestbook.